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  • A.M. Simensen (Ed.) (2002). Teaching and learning foreign languages. University of Oslo.
  • Beech, P. (1995). The use of content-based learning to develop reading fluency in an intermediate learner. Unpublished course manuscript, found at htt://www.peterbeech.com/method.htm  June 20, 2002.
  • Brinton, D.M., & Master, P. (1997). New ways in content-based instruction. Alexandria, VA (USA): TESOL. 
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  • Brinton, D.M., Snow, M.A., & Wesche, M.B. (1989). Content-based second language instruction. Boston, MA (USA) Heinle & Heinle.
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  • Crandall, J. (1987). ESL through content-area instruction. Englewood Cliffs, NJ (USA): Prentice-Hall.  ERIC Document ED 406 847
  • Crandall, J., and Kaufman, D. (2002). Content-based instruction in higher education settings. Alexandria, VA (USA): TESOL.  Introduction to this title available May 21, 2008 at  http://www.tesol.org/s_tesol/bin.asp?CID=203&DID=4130&DOC=FILE.PDF 
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  • Curtain, H.A. & Pesola, C.A. (1994). Languages and children--Making the match. White Plains, NY (USA): Longman.
  • Dalton-Puffer, C. & Smit. U. (eds.). (2007). Empirical Perspectives on CLIL Classroom Discourse. Franktfurt, Vienna etc.: Peter Lang. Introduction to this title available May 21, 2008 at http://www.univie.ac.at/Anglistik/Dalton/SEW07/Dalton-Puffer%20&%20Smit%202007.pdf 
  • Dalton-Puffer, C. (2007). Discourse in Content and Language Integrated Learning. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Echevarria, J., Vogt, M.E., Short, D.J. (2000). Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Learners. Needham Heights, MA (USA): Allyn and Bacon.
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  • Gamberg, R., Kwak, W, Hutchings, M., & Altheim, J. (1988). Learning and loving it. Portsmouth, NH (USA): Heinemann.
  • Genesee, F. (1999). Program alternatives for linguistically diverse students. Santa Cruz, CA (USA): Center for Reseach on Education, Diversity & Excellence (CREDE).
  • Hadley, A.O. (2001). Teaching language in context (3rd ed.). Boston, MA (USA): Heinle & Heinle.
  • J. Harper, M. Lively, M. Williams (Eds.). (1998). The coming of age of the profession. Boston, MA (USA): Heinle & Heinle.
  • Kasper, L.F. (2000). Content-based college ESL instruction. Mahwah, NJ (USA): Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.  Table of Contents available at http://lkasper.tripod.com/cbitoc.html
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  • Krueger, M., & Ryan, F. (1993). Language and content: Discipline- and content-based approaches to language study. Lexington, MA (USA): D.C. Heath and Company.
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  • Lehtonen, T., Lonnfors, P., & Virkkunen-Fullenwider, A. (1999). English or not English: That is the question!. University of Helsinki.
  • M. Celce-Murcia (Ed.). (1991). Teaching English as a second or foreign language. Boston, MA (USA): Heinle & Heinle.
  • Marsh, D. (2002). CLIL/EMILE: The European dimension. University of Jyvaskyla (Finland).
  • Marsh, D. Maljers, A., & Hartiala, A-K. (2001). Profiling European CLIL classrooms. University of Jyvaskyla (Finland).
  • Mohan, B.A. (1986). Language and content. Reading, MA (USA): Addison Wesley.
  • Pally, M. (2000). Sustained content teaching in academic ESL/EFL: a practical approach. Boston, MA (USA): Houghton Mifflin. (see sample chapters at papers)
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  • S. Tella, A. Rasanen, & A. Vahapassi (Eds.). (1999). Teaching through a foreign language revisited: From tool to empowering mediator. Helsinki: Publications of the Higher Education Evaluation Council.
  • Schneider, K., & McCollum, S. (1991). It's academic. New York, NY (USA): Maxwell Macmillan.
  • Snow, M.A., & Brinton, D.M. (1997). The content-based classroom: Perspectives on integrating language and content. White Plains, NY (USA): Longman.
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  • Stryker, S.B., & Leaver, B.L. (1997). Content-based instruction in foreign language education: Models and methods. Washington, D.C (USA): Georgetown University Press.
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